- Additional Internet Services

In addition to web hosting and e-mail list hosting and support I-World is able to offer you a variety of other related services to help you succeed in making the most of your internet presence, whatever your goal may be.

Online Commerce

We can help you set up any of a variety of methods for accepting credit cards an checks online.

Merchant Accounts

We can help you find a credit card merchant account that will work well for you online. There are also e-commerce solutions which do not require a merchant account.

Domain Name Management

We can register a domain name for you, in your name so you own it and can transfer it any time you wish. We can set up your domain name to point to your account on our server, or to another machine.

Website Scripting

We can find existing scipts to do most things and customize them for your needs. Since we are familiar with many of the most common ones we can do this with minimal hourly charges. We can install and modify such popular programs as phpBB. Custom programming in PERL and PHP is available, including database implementation.

Other Internet Services

Inquire, we can help with almost anything! We've been managing websites since 1995.

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