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Major Projects

These are comprehensive sites with many features which are entirely designed and managed by I-World.

  • The CSAC Avalanche Center

    This major and well-established project is almost ten years old, one of the oldest websites still online. It has been an I-World project from the beginning. Be sure to check out the awards page and the guestbook. The resource usage is one of the most extensive publicly accessible traffic reports on the web. All mailing list management and hosting for the extensive avalanche bulletin distribution system is provided by I-World. Avalanche incidents reports can be searched and sorted through the use of mySQL with a PHP interface. There are discussion forums using phpBBS.
  • The Oregon Mountaineering Association

    All design, management, and hosting of this site is by I-World. This project includes climb reports searchable with a PHP interface to a mySQL database, a majordomo list for association members, and forums which use phpBBS as well as a photo gallery which is integrated with the forums.

Sites hosted

These websites are hosted on the I-World server.

Previous Clients

These are sites which I-World assisted in getting started on the web and hosted at one time.

  • Genuine Guide Gear

    G3 left I-World when their telecom company offered them a comprehensive package which lumped their website access together with their own on-site access and their telephone services. We cannot compete with such packages. However, if the package does not include web design, maintenance and service costs the package price can be misleading. In this case G3 had developed their own site using their own design service while they were with I-World and thus did not rely very much on the telecom provider for these things.
  • Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society

    TBLPS left I-World when they decided to host the site locally with the intent of moving it to a server on-site. We provided the initial design but later the site was redesigned by a relative of somebody there.

Other Projects

We have also provided services to other sites on their server, without requiring that they be hosted by us. In one case we implemented an online auction script for a small retail business in Canada. In some cases we have offered copies of scripts we use to people who have asked, at no charge. Many are public domain (gnu license) with I-World modifications. (While we are often willing to share copies of scripts it is always "as is" and the recipient then needs to make any further changes they need.)

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