- Mailing Lists

List Hosting (Majordomo) - With or without domain hosting

  • If you have a domain hosted with us the list addresses can be @yourdomain.com
  • If you do not have a domain hosted with us your list address will be @i-world.net
  • Maintenance (Subscribes, unsubscribes, etc) by you via e-mail or by us
  • Web interface available for subscribing and unsubscribing
  • Support webpage with extensive majordomo information

List Support and Maintenance (Various software, not only majordomo)

  • Help with list maintenance, configuration changes or problems, and other support for lists hosted anywhere.
  • Majordomo, Listserve, Lyris, mreply and others
  • See our reference resource

Opt-in Only Policy

I-World will only host, manage, or assist with opt-in e-mail lists used for discussion or for periodic announcements such as those made by a business to their existing customer base. We are not involved with bulk e-mail or e-mail marketing, nor will we ever be.

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