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You can design and manage your own website, or have the designer of your choice do your work. It's up to you. But if you are interested we do offer website design and maintenance services as well as hosting.

Summary of business hosting packages
(details are below and are subject to change, typically any changes add more features and resources with no pricing change)

Package Space Cost
Webpage Hosting n/a $5/mo +$1/Meg
Bare-bones website hosting 5 Meg $99/yr
Basic website hosting 35 Meg $24.95/mo
Full web hosting 60 Meg $35.95
Basic Dedicated Virtual server 250 Meg $59.95
Large Dedicated Virtual Server 600 Meg $99.95

All business hosting services include:

  • No Traffic/Bandwidth Limit
  • Ftp access to your website or your pages
  • Nightly detailed log reports on site use and traffic
  • An unlimited number of e-mail addresses with individual forwarding
  • PHP and mySQL for database capabilities (charges may apply, see "Fine Print" below)
  • cgi scripts can be installed (charges and limitations may apply)
  • Access Control is available to restrict access to all or part of your site
  • Apache software running on BSD unix - the most secure and established environment available
  • Lightning fast and highly redundant connections to different backbone providers
  • Servers monitored 24 hours/365 days. UPS power for short outages and generators for longer ones
  • Multiple levels of backup - online daily and tape archives weekly

Webpage hosting:

Don't have a domain name and don't need one? Looking for either a small or temporary presence on the web? We can host pages for you under the i-world.net domain.

Features Include everything listed above plus -

  • Your Home Page address of "http://www.i-world.net/yourname/" or "http://i-world.net/yourname/", both will work.
  • Your own cgi scripts can be installed (charges may apply, see "Fine Print" below)

Bare-bones Business Hosting

This package is ideal for small businesses and small simple websites. You get your own site with your own domain name (web address) for one low annual cost.

Features Include everything listed above plus -

  • Your own registered domain name (domain registration services available)
  • "http://www.yourcompany.com/" or "http://yourcompany.com/" will both work.
  • Autoresponder addresses under your own domain name (charges may apply, see "Fine Print" below)
  • Email lists can be set up under your own domain name (charges may apply, see "Fine Print" below)

Basic and Full Business Web Hosting

These packages are for those sites which are larger or need more services and features but which do not require a dedicated hosting environment.

Features Include everything listed above plus -

  • Up to 35 MB (Basic Hosting) or 60 MB (Full Hosting) of server space
  • Unlimited E-mail AutoResponders and mailing lists with no set-up costs

Basic and Large Dedicated Virtual Servers

These plans offer the maximum in flexibility and space.

Features Include everything listed above plus -

  • Up to 250 MB (Basic) or 600 MB (Full) of server space
  • Everything is run on your own server process, which can be configured as you wish
  • 10 POP and 1 IMAP email accounts on the server (Basic, unlimited on Large)
  • Your own dedicated autoresponder and majordomo software
  • Your own cgi-scripts can be installed with no review or charge (at your own risk!)
  • Full access to raw log files

The "Fine Print"

  • One-time Set-Up fees: $15 for page hosting; $25 for Virtual Hosting plans; $100 for Dedicated Virtual Servers.

  • Domain reservation/relocation fees - You are welcome to register your own domain name, we can also do this for you for $25 per year. We register the domain in your name so you own it, not us.

  • Permissions and Charges for cgi scripts - Inquire

  • While autoresponders and majordomo e-mail lists are available on the bare-bones plan you will be billed at an hourly rate for the set-up, including any e-mail routing and configuring necessary. This set-up is free under the basic and full hosting plans. There are never additional charges to host any number of lists if you have a hosting plan with us.

  • Our servers run PHP which is a common method of implementing database features. mySQL databases can be set up on any of our plans. It is not possible to access mySQL through a command line - we set up the "phpmyadmin"web interface for you.

We can provide additional resources at competitive rates, please inquire if you find one of our plans appealing but not quite sufficient.

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