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Meta-Search Sites

Search Engines


Types of Searching Sites

Meta Sites: These search using some combination of other engines and indices.

Search Engines, Spiders (Arachnids), Robots: These have software agents which go out and catalog every page they find, unless it is excluded by a norobots file. Pages show up eventually, whether or not they are submitted.

Indices, Directories: These catalog web sites and pages which are submitted for listing and/or discovered by the librarians.

Additional Information

The Spiders Apprentice is one of the most definitive sources of information available on searching. They rank the various seach sites as well.

Other Listings

An excellent index to searching for government information is maintained by Steve Weiss, Government Publications and Maps librarian at Utah State University.

Yahoo has a comprehensive listing under Search Engines and Directories.

Capital Crest has a long list of calculators of various kinds.

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